Carl Dutch (Vanderschuit)


C. Dutch creates works that emphasize experimentation, exploration and play. They use materials such as vinyl, handmade optics, dichroic plastic, acrylics and resins to explore the formal qualities of light and color. The recent works Phototonics, Shapes of Light, and Sublime Subdued, hover between the realms of painting and sculpture. Influences include photographic techniques, optics, and distinctly southern California art movements such as the Light and Space Movement, Finish Fetish Aesthetics and OP Art.  Each work is uniquely influenced by perceptions such as physiological effects of light and optics.  


“I work with optical lens and cast most of my own.  I use trichroic film and collage with acrylics and hand cut outs. To achieve each piece many hours are spent experimenting under various lighting situations.  In my early training at Art Center, it was drilled into us the significance of understanding the qualities of light” 


“In optics terms, the work is achieving a vertical plane of angle of incidence.  This creates similar qualities of light seen reflecting off water at early or evening light.  Additionally, the work represents the Macro/ Micro of the atmosphere.   They also relate to effects of After Images of the human eye, readily seen when we close our eyes after seeing something bright.   The works portray an atmospheric calming and enlightening quality”. 


C. Dutch is a graduate of Art Center College of Design and has received numerous awards and acknowledgments for his photographic achievements.

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