Dot Renshaw 


A former high school art educator, Dot rises before dawn and paints the dramatic shadows of the early morning or the last fleeing light of dusk.  She loves to capture the serenity and beauty of nature unfolding to the light.  She chooses locations that others might miss, the small trails, the neighborhood canyons, and the juxtaposition of urban life against the delicacy of nature.  Her pastel and oil scenes composed of bold strokes and dramatic color and value ranges are primarily painted on location.  Her work has a visceral presence allowing the viewer to sense the temperature, atmospheric conditions, and time of day when the painting was completed.

A North Pacific Beach resident for 45 years, Dot remains deeply connected to the coastal environment, and to hidden treasures discovered on back roads and trails.  She often depicts scenes reminiscent of her youth in slower times in coastal California and works to raise awareness of environmental concerns facing Americans today.

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2218 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla Ca 92037

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