Leah Higgins

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Leah Higgins.  I am a local girl. Born at the original Scripps Hospital on Prospect and raised in La Jolla and PB. We used to own The local Ocean Toad retail clothing chain in which I was the designer.  I then created my own clothing line and sold it internationally.  Leah Of California.   I am an SDSU alum and have 3 children 2 1/2 grandchildren.
My style is pretty much realistic with a touch of impressional ism.  I paint mainly in oils at the moment but love to paint watercolors and Acrylics.  I love commissions and paint people, buildings and animal portraits, ocean scenes and landscapes.  I got my start by painting at least 300 homes as closing gifts for Realtors.   I then print the painting on personal notecards.  
I am a teacher of all mediums and teach at my historical home on Mt Soledad.  I am currently in five locations.  Perry Gallery La Jolla Shores,  Gallery 23 at Spanish Village, la jolla Art Association location The Pangea in Pacific Beach, Emerald C Gallery in Coronado across the street from the Hotel Del.,  
I feel so blessed when someone purchases one of my paintings.  Please feel free to do so...I am your personal artist for hire.   *Anyone that contacts me via this website will be sold through The  Perry Gallery.